Really wrapping it up – Hebden Bridge Town Hall Print Fair, Saturday 23rd May 2015

Finally, what to do with all those prints? I’m taking the most interesting ones to the Hebden Bridge Town Hall Print Fair on Saturday May 23rd, 11am – 4pm, see you there… cards, small prints, large prints, and nothing over a tenner. This is the first time I’ve seriously attempted to sell any of my artwork, so that will be interesting! The rest of them, I’m recycling into handmade paper (very rough), in my cellar.

Hebden Bridge Town Hall Print Fair


Wrapping it up

End. Of. I finished the course a while back, and once over the initial desire to burn it all and walk out, light and free, into the beautiful summer…

Pulling it all together to make an assessment portfolio and build a sketchbook, was a good thing to do. The selection process, the sorting, considering, arranging and sticking, helped me to look at the work I had done in a more evaluative sort of way. I could see trains of thought and patterns, stuff I’ld explored a lot, stuff I’ld struggled with, interesting tangents, stuff I wanted to do more with. I think it’s worth putting yourself through this process even if you’re not doing a degree and don’t need the brownie points. I’ve been much more interested in textures and materials than graphics – I didn’t expect that. I like to work with randomness and not planned and detailed complexity – I did know that, but through the whole elaborate process of printing in layers, I’m now really organised in the way that I work. I’m pleased about that.

grasses and willowherb seed

The. End. Post no. 99 

Assignment 5: combination prints, chine colle and further experiments

Hand-in notes and guide to portfolio content: Assignment 5 notes (pdf)

Tutor feedback form: Tutor Feedback – Assignment 5 (pdf)

Learning log

Project 15 supporting statement (pdf)


Additionally: Pink temples and Nicholas Roerich

Project 15 – which four prints?

So… the coursebook just asks for the best four, and a supporting statement. I feel the need to tie them together, which I do verbally in the statement, and by chopping them so they’re all the same size.  Here are the prints:

Bridge 22canal bridge collage and linoprint

Personal geographies (geese)geese on path

Bridge 27canal bridge and building reflection

Personal geographies (mine)stylised map of hilltops

Sketchbook – Chapter 5

This is the electronic sketchbook for Chapter 5 – click an image to open slider. To view images fullsize (ie to read them) > in slider view, for each image, there is a link in the bottom right of the screen. All this material appears in the relevent blog posts – this just pulls it into one place.

Project 13

Project 14

Project 15

Project 15 – Bridge 27

This idea came together very quickly, translating the outline drawing to a cardboard printing plate, which I sealed very lightly, making it a bit more robust than a set of stencils, but not so rigid as my previous collagraph plates. The idea was that it should be pliant enough to collapse through use, but not too quickly. I planned to use oil-based ink to protect it a bit, and a fairly muddy set of colours to reflect more of a heavy summer rainy atmosphere. The colours dried a lot lighter than anticipated, so they’re a bit strange.  I forgot the image would reverse but it doesn’t matter. I like the way it’s all very contained.

Here are three prints, in various weights:

canal bridge and building reflection canal bridge and building reflection canal bridge and building reflection

This is a brighter print, at less of an angle…

canal bridge and building reflection

Source photos

Bridge 27


canal bridge mill

Project 15 – Bridge 22

This was a bit of a disaster. I didn’t have a clear enough idea of what I was trying to do in my head, whether it was to be graphic, or leafy soft and fluffy. I was trying to follow up an idea of using tissue paper as dry colour behind a lino plate, and develop the pink/red/gold palette. The whole sticking/not sticking/disintegrating thing took over, and the idea didn’t work for the image. I changed my colours and my papers, but still had problems with the pva. More to the point, the coloured shapes and the inked image were fighting each other, so I made them more graphic and tried to pull them together a bit more coherently. Follows three examples, which will do for this project, but they need more work and a better construction method (such as using Spraymount and sticking the coloured shapes onto the printing paper first, then registering with the lino print).

canal bridge collage and linoprint canal bridge collage and linoprint canal bridge collage and linoprint

Working up the ideas

green lush summery photo

charcoal sketch



b+w photo

b+w photo

lino plate


canal print with colour blocks

canal print with colour blocks