Project 3 Two coloured masked monoprints

This was difficult without the right sort of masks. The crow with the nice white shadow was a careful alignment with the wrong guideline…

black crow on blue with unintentional white shadow

Painted bird on old farm sign

Weathered signboard

Cutting the stencil to the same size as the plate worked fine with the positive part of the stencil, but the negative part was left floating in the middle, which meant I couldn’t line it up by the method used in the book, very accurately.

stencil same size as plate

stencil inside borders of plate - difficult to line up

However, got a few nice prints anyway – the stencil is cut from relatively thick paper.

black crow overprinted using black and blue

blue crow overprinted using blue and black

Crow overprinted on yellow paper

Take 2…. this is a stencil made from a photo of a line of twitchers looking for seabirds, and both parts can be lined up to the plate…

Stencil same size as plate and aligned to bottom edge

Stencil same size as plate and aligned to top edge

The stencil is relatively thick and I used thickish cartridge paper, which left nice white borders to highlight the figures (and disguise the misalignments). Also looking to see the difference made to the picture by making the foreground dominant – in the first print below, and the sky more dominant in the print below that. The third print is layered to build up a different mood.

Black foreground silhouettes and smaller blue background

Black foreground silhouettes and larger blue background

Black silhouettes with abstract background

This print follows the technique in the book making overlapping positive prints, and the negative background printed (lightly) in black on top:

white, orange and blue guinea fowl on black background

A guinea fowl scooting about – this is a multi-layered print:

multiple stencils orange and white


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