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I work as a freelancer doing a mix of websites, databases, IT support and business services. I’ve worked with IT systems for years and have always liked to do painting and photography as relaxation, often with a local art group. I recently completed the OCA Graphic Design 1 course – the original motivation for this was largely to help me with my work. I like working within this sort of structure – I learned a lot on that course, took my time and went off at tangents. I’m hoping to do the printmaking in the same sort of way, and I’m following the ‘Visual Communications degree pathway’, but not in any sort of hurry. I’m looking forward to getting my hands dirty and playing with physical media in pretty much the same way I played with electronic. I’m interested in the process of breaking images down and building them up.

I used to do black and white film photography and do my own developing and printing. I’ve done a little bit of cyanotype and screenprinting, and played a bit with other printing techniques – basically just enough to get a bit of an idea what’s involved.

I’m looking forward to playing around mostly, and exploring a bit. I like black ink on thick white heavy paper. I like flat colours and minimal palettes, and experimenting with textures. I’m interested in old woodblock illustration and fonts and signage, block-printing textiles in India, stencilled lettering on canal lock gates, old printing machinery and so on. I walk a lot in West Yorkshire (where I live) and other high places. I like decaying industrial places where you can see the history, and I also like to keep one foot firmly planted in the city, as a reality check. Some of this I want to bring into my work. My default drawing and painting media are gel pens and inks, acrylic paint with sand to add texture, and different types of pencil.

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My aim is to do the course over a year, but I have to fit it in around my work which ebbs and flows, and so there will be periods when I don’t get much done. Unlike the previous course, I’m more interested in doing this one for it’s own sake – but I am aiming to make cards and small stuff that I can sell, by the end of it.

For more background see my business website and my learning log for the Graphic Design course – you can follow the rest of my electronic footprint from either.


4 thoughts on “Profile / About (me)

  1. Marie

    Hi Pam, I just came across your learning log and I think it is brilliant! I have started a Foundation Degree in Creative Art and Design Practice. I have been engaing with Printmaking for a year and now have the opportunity to try other techniques and media too. I am really enjoying my course and hope yours is going well. I found some helpful reflections in your log. I hope that you don’t mind me contacting you. i just wanted to say thanks for publishing. I share ideas too with others through my art group as well as college. Kind regards Marie

  2. Pam Wright Post author

    Hi Marie, thanks for that, I found it to be a really good way of documenting both my progress through the course, and sharing other people’s too. It’s also useful to come back to later, to pick up on ideas. All the best, Pam

  3. Nickova Behling

    Hi Pam – your printing learning blog is brillant but so is your work! Glad I found you here and thanks for sharing!
    Nickova Behling

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